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Magnifying Glass

Coming in September 2024

WHAT: Mysterious Tales of Old St. Paul

Three Cases Featuring Shadwell Rafferty

WHEN: September 2024



Shadwell Rafferty's last case may have led to his murder, but naturally - and happily, for followers of the indefatigable St. Paul detective - there's more to the story. Mysterious Tales of Old St. Paul casts back to Rafferty's beginnings to recount three intriguing cases that honed his skills before he joined forces with Sherlock Holmes.

In "Death in the News," St. Paul citizens wake up one morning to find that the sign on downtown's tallest building that reads PIONEER PRESS has been altered - at considerable effort - to read LIARS. An elaborate prank, yes, but it foreshadows a far worse crime, and Rafferty is on the case. In "The Birdman of Summit Avenue," cats are turning up dead in the yards of St. Paul's prominent citizens, and suspicion swiftly falls on the wealthy avian enthusiast Ambrose Harriman; but the case turns darker still when a neighborhood boy is found murdered in Harriman's yard. In "The Gold King," and enigmatic stranger arrives in town, calling himself the Gold King and announcing his plans to unearth hidden treasure hereabouts, which eventually leads to a shocking conclusion.

Steeped in the mystery and history of nineteenth-century St. Paul, these interlocking detective stories feature the characters - and the local character - that have made the Shadwell Rafferty series irresistible. As spellbinding as ever, these stories also afford the curious pleasure of watching Rafferty find his footing on his way to becoming the consummate detective whose exploits have delighted readers again and again.

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