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WHAT: Larry Millett discusses his latest book


SubText Books is pleased to present a virtual event with Larry Millett on Thursday, May 6th at 7:00 PM CST to celebrate Millett's Pineland Serenade.

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WHEN:  Thursday, May 6th - 7pm CST



   Welcome to Paradise County, Minnesota. No, it’s not quite Eden. It was named after a lumberman who logged off towering groves of virgin pines and left catastrophe in his wake, but these days it’s just another quiet, lonely place in the cold heart of flyover land. Or at least it was until a baffling mystery grips the county seat of Pineland.

   The county’s richest man vanishes. Then, a shadowy figure who calls himself the Serenader posts threatening messages just as a high-powered lawyer from Chicago arrives in town with a mysterious story of her own. Murder and mayhem follow, set to the music of an all-but-forgotten song called “Pineland Serenade.”

   Law enforcement appears at a loss, and it’s left to the newly elected county attorney, Paul Zweifel, to take charge. A sharp-tongued loner whose best friend is a border collie named Camus, Zweifel begins digging into the mystery even as he becomes a suspect in the crimes. The case leads him down a winding trail into the pure heart of evil and a final, chilling confrontation with the Serenader.

WHEN:  Available October 7th


WHAT:  The documentary-style tale of a young Minneapolis woman who defends herself against murder charges with help from Sherlock Holmes and Shadwell Rafferty.“Holmes’s ingenious detective work is crucial to a shocking and disturbing resolution of the case.”

Publishers Weekly.

WHEN:  Available in September


WHAT:   A classic locked-room mystery in which Shadwell Rafferty, with a bit of assistance from Sherlock Holmes, must solve a seemingly impossible crime.“Diabolically clever . . . .Engaging characters and a hold-your-breath plot make this one an all-around winner.”


WHEN:  Available in November